Cranberried Nutty Bites


Cranberried Nutty Bites a healthier snacking option



Almonds, Walnuts, Coconut, Honey, Coconut Flour, Coconut Butter & Almond Butter with added soaked Cranberries.

Soaking the Cranberries, removes most of the added sugars (apple/pineapple and sunflower oils)

55g – £3.15
150g – £5.30

Free from grain/wheat & preservatives
Keep in an airtight container


Nutritional Facts: Serving Size 6g
Calories: 41
Fat: 3.2g
Carbs: 2.5g
of which Sugars: 1.7g
Protein: 0.8g

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Cranberried – 150g, Cranberried – 55g


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